For the first time in Bulgaria there is a specialized exhibition for electromobiles

Strong presence of ELECTRO MOBILITY EXPO 2018 manufacturers of electric vehicles and charging stations

ELECTRO MOBILITY EXPO 2018, the first specialized exhibition for electric vehicles in Bulgaria, started in Sofia Ring Mall. For four days - from today to Sunday - enthusiasts from clean propulsion technologies and innovations in the automotive industry will be able to see the concepts of new mobility and the achievements of 18 world and Bulgarian brands of electric cars, scooters, bicycles, batteries and charging infrastructure. The event is under the patronage of the Minister of Environment and Water Neno Dimov and includes a 4-day exhibition, conference, test drive and demonstrations.

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"The exhibition has spawned our dream of provoking the future of transport," said the organizer of the exhibition Armand Babikian of Manira agency. “We made the exhibition because the exhibition gives a chance for all manufacturers to show up where they are, and for people to see new technologies, try them out and inform about them. We also have a third chance, organizing a conference within ELECTRO MOBILITY EXPO - here are the experienced people who create a whole range of services, infrastructure and policies shaping the transport of the future," Babikian stressed.

ELECTRO MOBILITY EXPO 2018 was attened by the Chairperson of the Committee for Environment and Water of the National Assembly of Bulgaria - Ivelina Vassileva and the Deputy Minister of Environment and Water - Nikolay Kanchev. The motto “Challenge the Future" of the exhibition is a wish, but also a promise," Deputy Minister Kanchev said at the opening of the conference "Development of Electromobility in Bulgaria" at Cine Grand. Deputy Minister Kanchev stressed that the scheme of the National Trust EcoFund is the first one to promote the use of electric cars by the central and territorial administrations. 43 projects in the public sector are being implemented under the program at the moment, and the project will be completed this year on 1 October.

ELECTRO MOBILITY EXPO 2018 continues until Sunday at Sofia Ring Mall and presents all-electric models of TESLA, JAGUAR, RENAULT, NISSAN, KIA, VOLKSWAGEN, HYUNDAI, SIN CARS, INOKIM, ECOBIKE, JONWAY, Wellow Taxi - electric bikes, the three-wheelers of Telkom Engineering, the LEGRAND Electric charging stations and ELPROM EMZ SHABLA, as well as the prototype of Team Formula Student BG from the Technical University of Sofia. During the show for the first time in front of the Bulgarian audience Hyundai presents the electric crossover KONA Electric, which will be tested with test drives. Entrance is free.

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