ELECTRO MOBILITY EXPO 2018 - 4 days in Sofia Ring Mall

Everything for transport on the future in one place

The preparation of the first ELECTRO MOBILITY EXPO 2018 is in progress. The new mobility has drawn its way to Sofia in the autumn. From 13th to 16th of September, Sofia Ring Mall will host the largest and most diverse event for the electric industry: A 4-day specialized exposition, a one day integrated conference session, test drives and demonstrations. Innovators in the automotive industry will show their inventions, and the manufactures of charging infrastructure – batteries, and also which challenges are already behind them. The voice of the students - scientists, developers, engineers, visionaries will be heard at the conference "Development of electric mobility in Bulgaria", which is also part of the event - on September 13th, from 10 am in Hall 10 at Cine Grand, Sofia Ring Mall .


"There is an experience in the field already gathered. We believe that alternative - powered vehicles need to be exposed more to the public. It will show their potential and will give the public a chance to see more and more the next level of mobility, "said Dimitrina Hristeva, the project manager. According to her, this sector, which has obvious prospects, still has a very poor presence in Bulgaria. "We want, together with all the participants in this process, to show the transformation that will sooner or later change the parameters of the transport," she adds.

ELECTRO MOBILITY EXPO 2018 will be held in Sofia Ring Mall, nothing can be compared with the stream of people who will visit the place in order to prepare the children for the first day of school. The expo is also due to arrive to its first day when it will stand for the first time in front of the Bulgarian audience. It will be carried out within four days, with the weekend included, so that the visitors can see more of the transport of the future at one place. The exhibition will give people the opportunity to test the electrical card and E-Technologies in a comfortable and versatile route test. Become part of E-volution!

There will be no entrance fee.

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